Skovsted OXWelcome to Skovsted OX. Skovsted OX is situated in the beautiful nature in Jutland, near the town Terndrup south of Aalborg.

We bought the farm in 1995, and already at that time I had 2 Arabian horses with me, and the interest for the Purebred Arabian horse has been a natural part of our family.



2 children have arrived since then; Dana born in 2000 and Lukas from 2002 and by now our small stud has grown to count approximate 10 Arabians horses.

Lukas   Dana



To the farm belongs a lot of land, and we exclusively use the land for big pastures for our horses. Our farm is located in the undisturbed beautiful nature of the Danish countryside.

Our horses enjoy a free and healthy life with lots of daily exercise in the big pastures every day in the year, with no exceptions.

We do our very best to handle and educate every single horse and they are daily in hands being groomed and taken care of in only the best ways.

We have chosen to focus on the Russian bloodlines in our breeding program, and we breed with Russian and Russian related horses and we have no doubt that this is the right way for our stud.

The Russian Arabian horses have a capacity and power that we find perfect for matching our understanding and wishes for a “Perfect Arabian”.


Our wishes and what we aim for in our breeding is a healthy and Purebred Arabians with a beautiful and Arabic charisma and skills to perform as well.

-To breed an all-round Arabian horse with a gentle and cool temper who will be a pleasure to handle as a family horse combined with a horse that are able to be a steady and successful performance prospect as well.


Yamena og Birgitte

Please feel free to visit our new Website where you can read all about our precious Purebred Arabian horses and get a small impression of the pride and joy we daily feel. Being able to work and breed this stunning and fantastic noble horse breed that fills our lives with much more than word can describe.

You are most welcome to contact us for a visit or if you have any questions.

Welcome at Skovsted OX

Best Regards

Birgitte & Claus Riishoej