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December 2017

As we write December, it is once again time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

2017 has been a quiet year here at the stud and also a long time since we have updated the website. Therefore we have now updated all the horses' Galleries with new photos from the year. 

Our youngster Yuniq Bint Yamena, which this year has grown from bottle-feed foal, to a strong and healthy young filly. We are now beginning to see more of Yuniq' much missed dam Yamena in her, and we now can start enjoying the fruit of the hard work that was put in 2016.
Link to Yuniqs page

Our black 2 year old filly A'Ameen (Duval x A'Sweet Surprize / Azem) develops harmoniously with a correct body and legs. A young girl with great personality and beeing best friend with Yuniq, whom she likes to run and play with.

Link to A´Ameens page

Serengeti (SL Carrera x Senada / Kurator) became 3 this year, and she is no longer available on the Saleslist.
We have chosen to keep her since she has a unique bloodline through her dam, which we would like to keep in Denmark.
We also would like to see Serengeti having a performancecareer, and we have now allied us with 2 Norwegian enduranceriders, who will take care of Serengeti and all of her training and competition in Norway.
Serengeti will be returned by end-of-life career and become a breeding mare at our stud.
We welcome Team SERENGETI.

Link to Serengetis page

Our oldest Russian Tersk mare Melpomena (Piligrim x Mirnaja / Naslednik) from 1997 is still in good health and shape, -we have to wait and see what the future brings for her as well her beautiful Pobeditel daughter; Pomera.

Link to Melpomenas page

 Link to Pomeras page

Have a look through all the horses' Galleries, both those mentioned here and the rest.

Finally, we would like to send all our thanks to them who came and visit us and making the way past us this year, and for everyone who has shown interest in our horses and our little stud.
We wish everyone a nice and enjoyable Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Maylee Moniet (SL Carrera/Kubinec x KH Merlina/Karnaval) is sold to Norway.

We wish the new owner, endurancerider Marita Torvik, congratulations with this lovely filly.
Maylee also called Leeloo, took in January, the long drive to Norway and it is with great pleasure
we have got discernibly satisfied feedbacks from Marita and Leeloo is installed
well and safe in her new home.
As expected, Leeloo takes things with great calm and sense and despite the great upheaval
she settled quickly and easily in at Marita's place, and we look forward to follow
Leeloo and Marita in the years ahead.
We miss Leeloo and her always positive attitude to everything and everyone, but we are confident that with Marita she will be safe and in capable hands, to get the attention she so much deserves.
Good luck with Leeloo Marita- take good care of her.

With the sale of Leeloo our Salelist is updated and we can now offer a single horse for sale: Serengeti, who in addition to being a fantastic cool and promising young horse,at the same time is half-sister of Leeloo. Serengeti turns 3 years in May.

Our black filly A'Ameen is no longer for sale as she currently must act as Yuniq's playmate,
 and the two have a lot of benefit from each other's company.


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December 2016

Balmena 2002-2016
In the days between Christmas and New Year, we were once again badly hit
in our little herd of horses. Our Balaton mare Balmena had to be euthanized due to volvulus.
An indescribably sad loss - Balmena was a very special mare in every way
and she is deeply missed.
2016 was a tragic year for our small place and we are all severely affected in our soul and mind.
Balmena leaves no offspring here at our stud, but she always will be saved in our
 memory and hearts.
Run free Balmena. You could trot like a dream, and now you've got wings and can reunite
with those we have lost, but still in our heart stores.


It is now time to wish all friends, acquaintances and family a Merry Christmas and a bright and prosperous New Year.

2016 will be a year we look back on with sadness and great frustration.

The loss of our beloved mareYamena stand sharp in my memory. The following months where all focus was put on her little filly, was indescribable hard and emotional, and it has been a hard time for all of us. Our little fighter was named Yuniq Bint Yamena, and she is very special to us, and through her we will always remember Yamena. Therefore, we have elected Yuniq to grace this year's Christmas card, to remind us all to remember rejoicing in the good times and memories of our beloved horses.

The year brought a final vet check of A'mir, which in 2011 was returned by a borrower with a chronic arthritis. We hoped that the many years of rest and a new form of joint treatment, which is  named on the doping list and therefore impossible participation in any competition etc,- could have a beneficial effect on Mir, and he would be able to start a light training program and eventually make his debut in dressage. This was not successful and Mir appeared lame on hard bottom and the vet predicted him only a 20% chance for having a positive effect with the joint treatment. This is a great disappointment for us, and with this diagnosis we know that Mir never will be a performance horse at any level.

During the year, we have repeatedly tried to get two mares in foal, but without any result. We stopped abruptly with more attempts, as we so tragic lost Yamena, and all energy and time was put on ensure Yuniq and her well-being. We weighted to find a fostermom to Yuniq, and the same two mares was designated and with a hormonal influence, we knew this could reduce the acceptance of Yuniq. Melpomena became the fostermom we dreamt of, and what a amazing job she has done. We are her deeply grateful that Yuniq has grown up with social companions and today has no problems with cope in the herd of horses.

In the end of the year we once again had to say goodbye to a beloved mare: Our senior russian  mare Senada. A mare we've have been incredible pleased with and at our place has delivered two lovely offspring. But time and age no one can run away from.
We remember Senada for her kindness, gentleness and always friendly mind, character that she  indeed have passed on to both A'delay Ibn Senada and Serengeti.

Fortunately, we have also been enriched by some good news from the outside and it's great to hear from our offspring, which today resides around the country. A'Chanze (Azem x Cheyenne) is doing great in dressage with his rider Louise and they got a fantastic silvermedalj at the Nordic Open.
Shah Karisma (Azem x Aziza Luna) was again represented to various competitions and proves once again his versatility with his rider Mathilde.
Fairytale by Duval (Duval x Felima) completed 50km in the Swedish Göinge Ritten, and 51km in the Københavnerridtet, with her rider Kira.
 We are proud on Your results!

We look forward to 2017 and hoping we get a peacefully year at the stud. With no pregnant mares we have chosen to put the breeding plans on hold. I have to get up and find the desire and the energy to continue with our small stud. We have had good response on our sales horses, but yet they have not found their right new home and owners, so still there will be an opportunity to acquire offspring born and raised here with us, although we do not currently have plans for breeding.

Finally we want to send our thanks to all of you who visited us, thought of us, and otherwise shown interest in our horses and our place in the year. The year was difficult for us and we look forward to welcome 2017 -and hope everyone will have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


November 2016

Senada 1992-2016.
Sadly we had to say goodbye to our senior mare Senada.
Senada have stayed with us since 2012, and it has been a great honor to learn this always positive,sweet and affectionate mare to know.
Unfortunately time and age no one can run from.
Senada you are missed- Thank you for the 2 offspring you delivered at our place:
A'delay Ibn Senada and Serengeti.
Thank you for the many good moments and memories that we today carry in our hearts.
Run free old girl,- take with you our love and join Yamena and the other we have lost throughout the ages.


October 2016

We have been so fortunate enough to have a visit by Charlotte Davidsen and her camera.
We have now received a wealth of beautiful pictures of our youngsters,
which can be seen in the following horse's Galleries:

Our little fighter Yuniq Bint Yamena

Our black yearling A'Ameen

The 2year old filly Serengeti

And our 3 year old filly Maylee Moniet

NEWS: Now also video to watch at A'Ameen, Serengeti and Maylee Moniet

The other day I received this amazing poster designed by Julie Rydahl, Rydahl Art.
The motive is our great Kais daughter 4D Malayka Moniet that we so tragically lost in 2011.
Julie has with her computer technique, created a unique work of art that warms our hearts.
The choice of horse was Julie's own and we are her deeply grateful, that today we can adorn our wall with this graphic masterpiece of a highly missed horse.


September 2016

Yuniq Bint Yamena has now her own site, take a look under Youngsters

After the loss of our beloved mare Yamena, we have fought a long and persistent struggle
for her young daughter: Yuniq Bint Yamena.

Yuniq is now through her first three critical months,-an emotional trip.
She has proven to be a real fighter, despite an unfair start in life,
and has accepted a life without her mother at her side.
Without a mother is one frail and alone, but Yuniq got an fostermom in Melpomena.
It has been an amazing experience to see this adult mare take care of Yuniq, and ensure
that she today grow up with social companions, who can give her a healthy start in life.
We are deeply impressed by Melpomena's acceptance.

But to bring up a bottle-fed foal, requires much work and not much time and energy for nothing else,
 than providing Yuniq her milk 24/7 and ensure her well-being.
It has been an trip with up-and downs: Diarrhea, cough and time with lack of appetite,
but Yuniq grows bigger and stronger by the day and week who passes, 
and we monitor her constantly to ensure her welfare.

The loss of her mother has been hard on me and my family, and I miss her indescribable.
My family has been behind me all the way through this difficult time,
and without them it has not been possible to raising Yuniq.
I owe my family a big THANK YOU for always give me a helping hand and be indulgence
with me, when things have been difficult.
A huge THANKS to Charlotte Davidsen, Birgit Bune and Charlotte Kromann.
A big THANK YOU to the veterinarian Jacob Greve for your professional expertise and time!
And last but not least:
THANK YOU to ALL who sent thoughts and loving words during this difficult time.

In a hard and stressful time, it's great to know our offspring is doing well,
as performance horses around DK.
Fairytale by Duval (Duval x Felima) participated in the Københavnerridtet 2016
and completed LA 51km, with her owner and rider Kira.

A'Chanze (Azem x Cheyenne) participated at the Nordic Open with his owner and rider Louise
and they rode to great points in LA2 with over 69% and LA4 with 72.50%
and it gave them a well deserved silver medal.

CONGRATULATIONS to you both, -we look forward to following you!We are proud to have a filly in our barn, with close relations to exactly these two horses,
namely our black filly:
A'Ameen by Duval and out of A'Sweet Surprize (Azem x Cheyenne).


Juni 2016

With heavy heart I have to announce that our Queen and our most treasured mare
Yamena is no longer with us.
After a fatal and very tragical foaling nothing could be done and we had to put Yamena down..
Words can not describe the loss me and my family feel - the emptyness the pain and deep deep frustration, I am in chock.
And at the same time we have to fight to keep her little filly alive despite a tragic and unfair start in life.

Please bear with us if we do not respond to your inquiries at same speed as usual.

Run free my sweet and loving girl- I miss you beyond words


Maj 2016

While we wait for this year foal to arrive,
we have now updated the "Salelist" with 3 promising russian related fillies.
Are you looking for a friend and future star, please have a look.
A lot of new photos are posted in the "Gallery" by A'Ameen, Serengeti
and Maylee Moniet.

Fairytale by Duval has just completed her first enduranceride this year,
together with her owner and rider Kira.
They participated in the Swedish ride: Göinge Ritten and completed 50km.
Congratulations and we look forward to the next ride.


April 2016

On the 29th april we celebrate Azem: Turning 18 years and still in the best health.
Happy Birthday old boy.
We have updated his site and put a lot of new pics in his “Gallery”.

 In the early April, we took A'mir (Azem x Cheyenne) to the veterinary clinic.
In 2011, A'mir suffered a serious injure with arthritis in his left frontjoint, at the time he was lend out to a endurancerider.
He was examined and treated after returning here, but the injure was to old to treat and was now chronic, and this did unfortunately ended his future career as an endurancehorse.
Our hope was, that the 4½ years in rest, could give us a little chance to give Mir a treatment once more, and this time with a plastic filler at best, could give him 60% chance, with a slow rehabilitation and show his performance abilities, and this time in dressage.
However, the treatment is on the doping list, then there would be no opportunity for competition start at any level.
Unfortunately, and very sad, we once again recognize that no luck is with us, and Mir proved still lame on hard ground volt, as well as clarify the occurrence of advanced arthritic changes in the joint and the vet gave only Mir 20% chance, that the treamtment would give any effect.
Now we know, Mir never will be our future breeding stallion, as we want for our future stallion to be shown under sadle. Bitterly that such a promising horse is paying for the careless of the  borrower. It's hard to accept.
Mir will stay with us, as long as it is ethically acceptable and he is happy.
Thanks to Jacob Greve for always be honest, no matter how sad the diagnosis may end up, and thanks to the rider who was ready to start Mir in rehabilitation and training program- hope the future holds a new and fruitful cooperation.

Our “Salelist” will soon be updated with some great performance prospects.
If you are looking for a future star you should try to contact us for more info.
We have some very promising Russian related fillies for sale, for the serious rider.

February 2016

Our gorgeous Pobeditel daughter, Pomera has got her own site under ”Mares”.

Also our 2 youngster A'Ameen and Serengeti has been updated with some winterphotos in there ”Gallery”- look under ”Youngstock”.

Feel free to have a look.

January 2016

Melpomena now has her own site, look under "Mares".


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December 2015

Now it is time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

2015 has been an exciting year at Skovsted OX.
We were in the month of June, enriched with a nice little black filly sired by the Russian
KEUR stallion Duval and out of our Azem daughter; A'Sweet Surprize.
This is our first grandchild by Azem bred here at our stud, and it was a great pleasure to welcome  the second generation and also to contribute with another Duval daughter.
She is named A'Ameen.

In May, our Russian mare Yamena, was sent to breeding.
Yamena was sent off to the best possible hands at Davidson Arabians,and with this expert help, we ended up with a pregnant mare in the month of July.
The choice of stallion was easy;We are now looking forward with excitement, to the combination;
Yamena (Menes x Yamaika / Nizjni) x SL Carrera (Kubinec x Salaa Diva / Salaa el Dine)
in May 2016.
Yamena had to stop by the veterinarians at Nørhald before returning home, as she had to undergo a caslick operation. Everything went fine in that regard.
Unfortunately, our Balaton daughter Balmena is not bred as planned this year.
Our focus was to get Yamena started, and put all our hopes and time in her, which we succeeded.

This year we also had some impressive results.
Our promising mare Fairytale by Duval (Duval x Felima / LM Fellini) which is now in the hands of endurancerider Kira W. Leuenhagen, had their debut in Hippoaden LB 40km and completed with style. They started another ride in September; Ribe Ridtet and completed without difficulty
LA 60km.
We are looking forward to the competition season 2016 and have great hopes and expectations for Fairytale and Kira.
Shah Karisma by Azem was again this year, shown at various locations under saddle.
It has resulted in high rankings in both jumping and dressage, and it is a pleasure to follow this equipage and their versatility.


The main initiatives this year, was to add 2 more Russian mares to our team of horses.
We have welcomed the Tersk bred mare; Melpomena (Piligrim x Mirnaja / Naslednik) and her daughter Pomera by Pobeditel / Balaton.
We now have a truly exceptional collection of Russian mares, and a unique collection by the legendary Champion stallion Menes (Nabeg x Metropolia / Priboj), because now we can present a daughter, granddaughter and a great granddaughter by this amazing sire.
It's a great dream that has now been realized, and we are honored to have this unique collection of Russian ladies.


Finally once again, we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a exciting New Year.
Thanks to all of you who paid a visit to us in 2015,- our doors are open and we are ready to greet new and old friends in 2016.


October 2015

This summer we have had the pleasure of two guest mares, who have enjoyed the summer on our
meadows and formed close bonds with our other mares and youngsters.

It has now been decided that these two mares will remain with us.
 We thank Søren Peter Norup, Stutteri Elbjerg for giving us this amazing opportunity.
We feel honored to be able to add 2 more Russian jewels to our stud.
THANKS to Stutteri  Elbjerg.

Welcome to the mare Melpomena  (Piligrim/Gips x Mirnaja/Naslednik)

bred at Tersk Stud in 1997.

And Melpomena's daughter Pomera sired by Pobeditel, born 2004.

We have now the great pleasure to present three generations by Menes at our stud:

Yamena sired by Menes

Balmena sired by Balaton/Menes

And Pomera sired by Pobeditel/Balaton

A dream that has seemed unobtainable, is now a reality ..
Now we have the largest Danish collection of mares with close family relations to
the Elite and Champion stallion Menes (Nabeg x Metropolia / Priboj).

We are delighted to be able to offer some offspring out of these mares, in the years ahead.

We also have updated with new pics at Maylee Moniet's Gallery.
We are very content and proud of our young girl.

Look under “Youngstock”.


September 2015

A´Ameen now has her own page under "Youngstock", and her Gallery is filled with lovely pics. -
so please feel free to drop by her side.

Yamena is updated with gorgeous photos on her Gallery, - look under "Mares".

Also Maylee Moniet´s Gallery is updated, - look under "Youngstock".

We are proud that our stallion Azem, was well represented at the DSAH National Horse Show,
as his son Shah Karisma patricipated and won DM Bronze in jumping.
We send our congratulations to his owner Pia Korsgaard
and his rider Mathilde Simoni-Clasen.


July 2015

Finally we succeeded and our Russian Queen Yamena (Menes x Yamaika / Nizjni)
is infoal to the Kubinec son SL Carrera.

A combination we are convinced will enrich us with a unique performance offspring in 2016.
Yamena had to visit Nørhald Dyreklinik before returning home, and undergo a caslick surgery,
but everything went well, and Yamena is now reunited with her best friend
A'Sweet Surprize, which in the meantime, has foaled a lovely offspring
by the russian KEUR stallion Duval (Vympel x Derjava / Aswan) in the month of June.

We have named this fillyfoal A'Ameen, and a color test has now determined that we can
call her black (aa) and she therefore, is the first and only filly foal by Duval in Denmark, with
this unique and beautiful color.

1000 THANKS to Charlotte Davidsen with all the help and assistance, we have received in relation to Yamena.


June 2015

It is with great pleasure, that we now can present yet another Duval daughter!
On 7 June, just before midnight, A'Sweet Surprize foaled a lovely filly,
-Her first offspring and our first second generation by our stallion Azem.
Always very exciting with a first time mare, but everything went happily easily
 and just by the book.
Welcome to the world little girl ..

In addition to this lovely news, we can report that our 5-year old mare Fairytale by Duval,
just had her debut in Endurance.
She completed with style, her first LB 40km in the race Hippoaden DK,
with her owner and rider Kira.
Kira are already planning the next ride,
 and we are looking forward to follow their next competition.


May 2015

While we wait for this year only foal to arrive,
we have updated several Galleries with new lovely May photos,
taken by Charlotte Davidsen- THANKS CD!

Galleries are updated at our mare Balmena and at the Youngstock:
Maylee Moniet and Serengeti.


January 2015

We will now unveil and present our new purchase, arriving in November 2014.
We welcome yet another Russian jewel, the mare Balmena.
It is with great pleasure we have expanded our stock of broodmares with such an exciting mare as Balmena. Bred by Tersk Stud in 2002 and with a unique pedigree.
Balmena now has her own page under "Mares".

From Tersk to Terndrup - we welcome Balmena at our stud
and look forward to enter her in our breeding program in 2015.



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December 2014

The year is soon to end and again it is time to wish everyone a
Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

This year started out with a sale of our filly Fairytale by Duval (Duval x Felima/LM Fellini).
Fairy is now in the hands of endurancerider Kira W. Leuenhagen, which is in the process of making her ready for their competition debut in 2015. It has been a great pleasure to follow this equipage and see the progress, and we look forward to follow them in their common quest.

In early spring we said goodbye to our Karnaval daughter KH Merlina (1994-2014).
 In 2013 she gave us a beautiful filly sired by the Kubinec son SL Carrera: Maylee Moniet.
Maylee has grown into a charming feminine filly and we are delighted with the positive development she constantly takes.

In May, our senior Russian mare Senada (Kurator x Senet/Tern) had term.
She delivered almost on time, a healthy and beautiful filly sired also by
SL Carrera (Kubinec x Salaa Diva/Salaa El Dine).
This foal will be Senada's last offspring, and what a great last foal she has set with this extremely promising filly, and we have high expectations to this little girl. We have named this foal Serengeti.

This year we had one mare covered.
Over the last 2 years we have unsuccessfully tried to get our mare A'Sweet Surprize in foal,
and this year we succeeded!
We are so incredibly happy that she is now expecting a offspring by the Russian KEUR stallion Duval (Vympel x Derjava/Aswan), and is due in June 2015.

We look so much forward to receive the second generation of our breeding stallion Azem- it will be a long wait, but surely the whole worth the wait.

In October, we said goodbye to our yearling gelding out of Senada and sired by Azem (Symba x Manuela/Amadeusz) - he is sold to the successful endurance rider
Charlotte Kromann-Rasmussen and Team Østergaard.
We are proud that Charlotte and Niels took the trip past our small stud, and selected
A'delay Ibn Senada aka Gucci, as their future endurance horse.
We look very much forward to following A'delay and his development at Charlotte.

We end this year with the happy news, that we have acquired a new mare to our stud.
She contain some very solid Russian blodlines. In early 2015, we will tell you a lot more about this exciting broodmare, which we hope will enrich us with some great performance offspring in the years ahead.

Thank to all of you who dropped in by us in 2014, and to all of you who always are in close contact in other ways. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a 2015 where dreams, hopes and wishes may be fulfilled and lived out.


October 2014

October came and time for A'delay Ibn Senada (Azem x Senada) alias Gucci,
to start a new chapter in his life together with Endurancerider Charlotte Kromann-Rasmussen and Team Østergaard. He is now happily installed at Charlotte's place and learning his new future friends to know, and we have got the message that Gucci behaves like an angel.
We look forward to follow Gucci together with Charlotte and Team and hope and believe that he in the future, will make a good profile within endurance.


Our little Serengeti (SL Carrera x Senada) which is half sister to A'delay Ibn Senada, is now turning 5 months old and she develops extremely positive with lots of power and attitude.



September 2014

We have had wonderful feedback from several of our offspring, who has been shown throughout the country this year.

Our 2007 offspring A'Chanze (Azem x Cheyenne) has together with his owner and rider
Louise Rasmussen, done very well at the showground this year.
At their last dressage competition in August, they won 1place with 65.8% in LC1, and 2place with 67.8% in LC2.


Cheetah by Duval (Cheyenne x Duval) was well handled by her owner Karin Østergaard, at the 2014 DSAH Shagya-Anglo Licensing.

In the class of 3year old arabian mares, Cheetah was awarded with grade 2A.


At the DSAH's event at Egholm Castle, Shah Razann and Shah Karisma attended.

Both horses are sired by our stallion Azem.
Shah Razann did very well and won his LA2 with 65.86%, and the judge comment:

"Nicely program on a nice supple and relaxed horse."
The following link shows Shah Razann and his rider and owner Hanne Nørgaard
participate in a Clinic with Rodrigo Matos:



Shah Karisma attended along with his rider Mathilde Bruun Clasen,
and they rode up to 62.96% in LA1, and 63.45% in LA2.
Shah Karisma and Mathilde has achieved great dressage results throughout this year.


Congratulations to each of you with your classy performance.
We are proud and happy on your behalf!



August 2014

It is with great pleasure, that we can finally tell that A'sweet Surprize is in foal.

Lille My as we call her in everyday speech, has in the last 2 years been tried covered,
but for various reasons, some we know and some we never get answered, we now can tell the
happy news, that she next year will provide us with the second generation, by our beloved stallion Azem.

The choice of sire fell naturally; The Russian KEUR stallion Duval and we look forward to once again being able to welcome one of his offspring at our stud.
The third time was our lucky number, and we are Charlotte Davidsen deeply grateful for the support and help we have received in connection with the covering- without the help we did not had the courage to make the attempt again this year.
From my heart; Thank you Charlotte, for the great effort and good care of Lille My- the time without her has been infinitely long, but certainly worth the wait ..

Because of Lille My's stay at Davidson Arabians, we had the opportunity to take new pictures of her- they can be found in her Gallery, so please go have a look and see our dancing black jewel ..


In addition to this great news, we are very pleased to announce that our young boy
A'delay Ibn Senada is sold.
In the future he will live together with endurancerider Charlotte Kromann-Rasmussen and Team Østergaard in Ringsted.
We are proud that Charlotte and Niels chose to visit us and buy their future endurance horse, here at our place.
A'delay stays with us until October, when Charlotte and the Team's has planned foreign competitions in the coming months,among others FEI WEG 2014 in Normandy.

We wish you the best of luck with Gucci, and hope he may enrich your life with his always positive and happy mind, and eventually become you a succesful endurancehorse.





July 2014

Now we got a name for our 2014 fillyfoal, out of Senada and sired by SL Carrera, and we welcome: Serengeti.

Serengeti has got her own page under Youngstock, and her Gallery is already filled with beautiful pics, captured by our great photographer Charlotte Davidsen.

Also take a look at the page of Serengeti's halfsister, the beautiful filly Maylee Moniet, also under Youngstock, and enjoy the new pics of her in her Gallery.


Remember to have a look at our Salelist- we have a wonderful young boy for sale.



May 2014


Almost on the date of term, this years foal arrived.

Senada foaled early morning a sweet and beautiful filly by SL Carrera.
This will be our no. 2 filly by SL Carrera, and also this foal will be Senada´s last progeny, as she rounds the 22 years.

Both mother and daughter are doing real fine and everything went well.
We are thrilled with this last offspring that Senada gave us, and we look forward to follow this last promising offspring grow up and mature.

Welcome to the world little one!



The Salelist is now updated, with a new exciting topic:

A'delay Ibn Senada.

Are you looking for a performance horse and have the desire to educate your own future riding horse, then A'delay would be an obvious choice.

Take a look at the Salelist and A'delays own page under Youngstock.



April 2014

We have received so many wonderful and positive feedback, from endurancerider

Kira W. Leuenhagen, who in February purchase our young mare Fairytale by Duval.
Fairy settled well into her new surroundings with Kira, and she got the time and peace she needed, to learn both the new stable, place and Kira, properly to know.
The riding was started up without much problems, and now they are eager exploring the dressage arena and the surrounding countryside, and we can clearly feel the joy and positivity the two have in each other's company.
We very much look forward to following Kira and Fairy forward and hear stories of their experiences together as a equipage.



March 2014

In the early spring, we said goodbye to KH Merlina.

Merlina was a very special mare, with a special mind of her own. She arrived to us in 2012, and dispite stress and her old age, she gave us a magnificent fillyfoal in 2013 - Maylee Moniet sired by SL Carrera.

Run free old girl.




January 2014

We begin the year wishing Kira C.W. Leuenhagen, CONGRATS on her purchase of our amazing young mare Fairytale by Duval.

Kira is an serious endurancerider, who have been in this sport for several years,with success.

Kira has a great passion for the Arabianhorse and we look forward to follow this equipage in the years to come, and in their common future adventures.

It is with mixed emotions we say goodbye to Fairy, but we are confident in this match, and it will give Fairy the very best opportunities for a rich and exciting life, in safe surroundings.

All the best of luck to you Kira and your new princess - we are proud that you chose your future star in our breeding.




N e w s  2 0 1 3


December 2013

A year has passed, and the time has come once again, to wish everyone a
Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year.

In 2013 we have had 2 pregnant mares .
Our two oldest mares Senada (Kurator/Senet) and KH Merlina (Karnaval/Gerlina) was set to respectively
February 12th and May 1st.
Senada was a test of patience, we have never experienced such a long pregnancy:
7weeks past term it took, before we had to greet the newborn.
On 2 April, we finally said welcome to A'delay Ibn Senada - a healthy and vigorous colt by our own stallion Azem .
Senada is once more in foal, and this time with SL Carrera (Kubinec/Salaa Diva) with term

in end of May 2014.


KH Merlina foaled on April 17th 16 days past term – and a beautiful sweet little filly
by SL Carrera (Kubinec/Salaa Diva) was born.
Her name choice was not easy, but she has been named ; Maylee Moniet, partly named after our daughter by Kais; Malayka Moniet who unfortunately died all too early, just in foal to SL Carrera .

This July, we started the breaking in of Fairytale by Duval .
It has been a real pleasure to work with her, and she has proved incredibly willing to learn and have enjoyed the work and the attention it has offered.
Fairytale is also put up for sale, but at the time of writing we have not yet found the right new owner.

Throughout the year, several of Azem's offspring done very well in the competition around in DK, among other The Gambler who was in Top2 at EM for Sport Arabs,Vilhelmsborg .
We wish the owners and riders the best of luck in the future and keep up the good work !

We expect that 2014 will be a quiet year at our stud, with only a single mare infoal.
We must recognize that some of our horses are of retirement age, and with 2 horses put up for sale and A'mir that is still struggling in everyday life, with ups and downs because of his chronic injury, we have the stock of horses that we want.

We welcome the new year and wish it must bring you all happiness and joy.


Date 2013-11-25

Today we received the sad news, that Cheyenne ox2808 has said goodbye to this world, after a short illness.
Chey has for several years been on loan to us at Skovsted OX, and she was a beautiful mare in both outer as well as inner, and she was able to pass on these traits to all of her offspring,that she delivered here.
Chey arrived to us in 2006 and was returned to her owner in 2011.
With us, she came to give us 3 lovely offspring by Azem; 2007 A'Chanze, 2008 A'mir El Zhallan, 2009 A'Sweet Surprize and in 2011 Chey got Cheetah by Duval sired by Duval.

She was the mare, that gave my children the thrill of attent a birth for the first time, and she always allowed everything and showed us great trust.
Cheyenne you've lived in our barn and filled our lives with so many good things-now you fills in our hearts and lives in our memories.
Run free <3 <3



Date 2013-08-25

The Gambler participated with great success in the European Championship for Arabian Sport Horses at Vilhelmsborg on the 26th-28th July, and was in Classic Medium Cup ranked in Top 2!
The Gambler has previously been a racehorse and it's great that this beautiful boy is retrained with success, and today has proved his potential skills in the dressage arena.
Congratulations to the owner Millington Arabians.
The Gambler is by our stallion Azem and is his first-born son from 2002.

Photo: Karen Ramlau


We unfortunately had to give up getting our filly A'sweet Surprize in foal this year.
After several attempts, we have now decided to stop for this season and it's a pretty frustrating situation.


Our Saleslist will soon be updated with another great performance prospect; A'delay Ibn Senada.

He is now 4 ½ month old and develops into a strong big boy, who is busy with nothing but eat, sleep and socialize with others in the group.



Date 2013-07-31

Senada is now in foal to SL Carrera (Kubinec x Salaa Diva / Salaa El Dine) and we look forward to the offspring by the end of May 2014.
This time we had to work some more to get Senada in foal, and this offspring will be Senada's last, since the age will naturally put its limits, and she deserve to get a safe retirement in the autumn of her life.
We are so proud of our old girl and look so much forward to see the fruits of this combination!




July 2013

Fairytale by Duval now with a rider!

In the month of July, Fairy has been backed for the first time, and it has been a pleasure to work with her.

A big THANK YOU to Annette, who has been a great help and still continues to work with Fairy, although our goal getting Fairy acquainted with a rider is achieved.



June 2013

We have had a photographer past our stud, and we are now ready with a number of new photos by Senada, KH Merlina and A'delay.


We also got named our filly out of KH Merlina: Maylee Moniet.
Maylee Moniet has got her own page under "Youngstock" and a "Gallery" full of new photographs.

Drop by and enjoy the beautiful photos taken by Charlotte Davidsen.



Date 2013-05-17

A beautifully filly was foaled in the night at 03:00, and we are thrilled ..!
Our Karnaval daughter KH Merlina has given birth to a well-shaped filly by SL Carrera (Kubinec x Salaa Diva/Salaa El Dine).
Our expectations are fully fulfilled and the combination has certainly not disappointed us.
Welcome to the world little princess!




Date 2013-04-28

While we wait for our next mare, the Karnaval daughter Merlina, gives birth to her SL Carrera offspring, A'delay Ibn Senada has got his own page under "Youngstock".
Take a look and meet our latest addition.





At last!

On the 2 of April, Senada gave birth to a lovely colt.

7 weeks past term it did take, before we were permitted to see the result of this extremely long pregnancy.

But thankfully everything went by the book during birth, and Senada delivered a strong and healthy colt.
Great to see this old mare, at the age of 21years, still looks stunning and in good health, after this long pregnancy-and still carry out her joy of motherhood with the greatest care and pride.

We have already named the little new fellow, and we welcome A'delay Ibn Senada - no doubt you have inherited the best from both your dam and sire Azem.




We start the year with offering a uniq pearl for sale.

Look under the salelist


N e w s   2 0 1 2


The year is ticking and it is time to look back at the year 2012.

Early this year we received with great joy the mare Senada (Kurator x Senet). Senada is an Straight Russian mare, born in '92. She has not had any offspring for several years, and we started early to cover her with our stallion Azem (Symba x Manuela). She has proven to be very fertile and we are looking forward to term in the middle of February 2013. About 2 months, and there will be the sweet sound of foal in the stable again. We are excited!

KH Merlina (Karnaval x Gerlina) arrived to us from Holland in late February. Merlina is born in 1994 and mainly out of Russian bloodlines. Despite a difficult start to her new life, with some stress after a long hard transport, she is now a cheerful old lady who also has proven extremely fertile and we are looking forward to her foal in early May, by the Kubinec son SL Carrera, a great performance stallion.

In April we said goodbye to our yearling filly Cheetah by Duval (Duval x Cheyenne). Cheetah has moved to Karin in Holstebro and is now living together with A'ziz Bey Shah (Azem x Chantel) as Karin purchased at our stud in 2010. We wish Karin the very best with Cheetah -it's a pleasure to see the horses flourish with you.


Again this year we had some sad circumstances at the stud, that makes life difficult.
In January, our colt A'mir El Zhallan returned from his borrower with several injuries. He has had the year to recover, and he has been treated several times by the Vet. But we have been fighting an uphill battle, and sadly we now must accept the judgment of the Vet, that says that Mir will never be the promising endurancehorse we had hoped for. It is extremely bitterly fact,- such a promising young stallion is now paying for the careless of the borrower. We will keep Mir with us as long as it is ethically acceptable to have him going.

We hope that 2013 will enrich us with 2 vigorous and healthy foals, who will eventually find a good new horse qualified home each. We also hope to get a couple of mares infoal.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a bright and prosperous New Year.
May all your dreams, hopes and wishes come true in 2013.


Date 2012-08-30

We have now new pics in the "Gallery" at Senada,- take a look under "Mares".

A few new photos of Fairytale has also slipped into her "Gallery" under "Youngstock".

We are proud to tell that Senadas brother Serij, recently completed the 160km ride at the FEI World Endurance Championship in UK, -as the second best placed Danish horse.
Senada and Serij are both out of the mare Senet (Tern x Serenada / Suvenir) which have produced many successful performance offspring.
Senada is in foal with Azem and due in February, so maybe we have a little superstar to wait for in 2013.?!

Another horse with close relationship to one of our other horses, also participated in the World Endurance Championship, namely the gelding Flini which was the best placed Danish horse in the field.
Flini (LM Fellini x Bint Bint El Masra/ Masran El Shaklan) is a full brother to our former leased mare Felima, the Dam of our promising filly Fairytale by Duval.


Senada (Kurator x Senet/Tern)

Fairytale by Duval (Duval x Felima/LM Fellini)



Date 2012-07-04

With great pleasure we have now confirmed 2 mares infoal.

Both are our stud oldest mares, and yet they have proven to be incredibly fertile, despite their high age, respectively 18 and 20years.

KH Merlina (Karnaval x Gerlina / Top) is in foal to the Kubinec son SL Carrera (Kubinec x Salaa Diva/ Salaa El Dine), - a stallion we have wished us an offspring from in several years. Merlina is due in May 2013.

Senada (Kurator x Senet / Tern) is in foal to our own black stallion Azem, and from this combination, we expect an offspring with a fantastic temperament and a future performance horse. Senada is due in February 2013.

We look very much forward to next year foals, and hope we may be enriched with vigorous and healthy foals, and that both mares will enjoy being allowed to become mothers once again, in spite of higher age.

SL Carrera




Date 2012-06-15

Our homepage is now updated - take a look at ”Stallions" ; A'mir El Zhallan, and our new mare KH Merlina who got her own pages at "Mares".

Lots of new photos of both horses under their Gallery.




Date 2012-04-27

We wish Karin Østergaard CONGRATULATIONS with the purchase of Cheetah by Duval (Duval x Cheyenne). Karin is already the owner of A'ziz Bey Shah (Azem x Chantel/Nekro), which she bought at our stud in 2010 and which she today uses frequently as a riding horse - so when Karin 'interest fell on Cheetah I had no doubt that a sale should be considered.

Cheetah is now handed over into her new home, and we are convinced that she will match the criteria Karin has for a future riding horse and broodmare, and despite it is with great sadness we said goodbye to a unique filly, I'm at the same time happy and proud that Karin once again will take loving care of one of our offspring, and I will always have the opportunity to follow Cheetah and maintain close contact with her ​​new life and home.

Good luck with an amazing filly Karin, you know I had not sold Cheetah to anyone other than you!



Date 2012-04-16

Now we welcome a new mar at our stud; A Karnaval daughter KH Merlina.

Merlina is bred in the Netherlands in 1994 and arrived to DK earlier this year. She had a long journey on the road before she arrived safely to her new home. Merlina was affected by the trip and the new environments  and really have had the need to adjust to her new life here with us.

She is now well integrated into the herd of horses and finally she is ready to get a visit from the photographer in the near future.

.Merlina is CA free and out of a Top daughter; Gerlina.

Welcome Merlina.

Foto: W. van der Bij



Date 2012-02-21

A new mare has arrived at our stud and we welcome Senada ox1940 (Kurator / Neman x Senet / Tern). Under "Mares" Senada has got her own page with info and a Gallery.


We have updated with new winter photos in the Gallery at "Mares", "Stallions" and "Youngstock" - so take a look.


At the page of "Stallions" we have the pleasure to present Nesj el Diablo owned by El Padrino Arabians, The Netherland. This promising colt is by Kais and out of beautiful Loasa and full brother to the successful Nesjla from Nesj Arabians in Belgium. Diablo will be at stud in Holland and available by natural breeding or fresh semen. Take a look at his side.  




N e w s   2 0 1 1


Date 2011-12-18

One year has passed since our new website went live and it has again become December and time for a Christmas greeting to all friends and horse lovers.

The year 2011 has been a mixed blessing here at the stud, and it is not a year I will personally look back on with happiness or joy.

Cheyenne foaled on term in April, a lovely filly by the straight Russian sire Duval (Vympel x Derjava / Aswan) - she is named Cheetah by Duval.
Cheetah is a wonderful and cheerful little lady who we are incredible happy about, and who has grown very positive so far.
Cheetah is Cheyenne's last foal here at the stud as Chey returned to her owner in November after leasing.
Chey is in foal to Azem with term in May 2012, and we wish Dorte and Chey good luck and we hope for a great offspring.


In the middle of May Yamena foaled far above term, a long-legged and charming son, our first SR offspring and also Yamena' firstborn.
We had no idea that this little guy only was allowed to enrich us in 7 weeks on this earth, a possible congenital defect abruptly put an end to Yurij’ life a hot summer evening.
Poor Yamena only allowed being a mother in a very short time.
It was a very sad time for her and us, difficult to find the meaning of such a young destiny.


Malayka Moniet also called Layka, was send to be covered in May, and the choice of stallion was clear; she was bred to SL Carrera by Kubinec.
Layka was in foal in the first heat and we were extreme happy and delighted with that, and we looked so much forward to the 2012 foal.
Again, a totally senseless tragedy blow us away; In late September, I had to say goodbye to my beloved mare due to volvulus, four months pregnant – and all my big hopes and dreams for the future was completely crushed.
Malayka was for me much more than words can describe and I still can not reconcile myself with the thought of never again having to caress her beautiful face.
She is missed and the miss is indescribably large.

Life goes on and with this year's tragedies, we hope that 2012 will smile kindly upon us and our horses.
2012 will be a quiet year without any foal, but we hope to cover one or 2 mares during the season.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.




Date 2011-10-12

Now we have updated; YOUNGSTOCK with a lot of new beautiful photos of our 3 young princesses, who are our future hopes and dreams.
Each one heavily valued and a pleasure to enjoy daily.
Photos taken by Davidson Arabians.



Date 2011-10-02

Forever in my heart, my sweet and beautiful Layka.

4D Malayka Moniet 17/4 2007- 21/9 2011

Words can not describe the loss I feel.



Date 2011-08-20

We received the most wonderful photos from Karin Østergaard, which last year bought our gelding A'ziz Bey Shah by Azem out of Chantel / Nekro.
Karin was looking for a riding horse but fell instead in love with our 2-year young boy.
Karin send A'ziz for breaking in and Karin told that A'ziz has been a pleasure to work with, and finally Karin got herself the beautiful ridinghorse she wanted.
Such feedback makes it wonderful to be a breeder ..
Continued good luck to Karin and A'ziz.

The website is updated at MARE: Cheyenne, and YOUNGSTOCK; Cheetah by Duval and OFFSPRING at stallion AZEM with more photos of Karin and A'ziz

Karin and A´ziz


Date 2011-08-12

Fairytale and Cheetah's Sire DUVAL, has just gained KEUR status in the Dutch Studbook.

Congratulation to Davidson Arabians for bringing the stunning stallion to Denmark, and we are proud to have bred 2 outstanding youngsters by this great stallion: Fairytale by Duval and Cheetah by Duval.



Date 2011-07-04

In loving memory...

Yurij by Duval ( Duval / Vympel x Yamena / Menes )

14/5 - 4/7 2011.

My sweet Russian boy - forever in my heart.





Date 2011-06-24

With great pleasure we can now announce that today we have scanned our 4year old
Malayka Moniet, in foal to the beautiful performance stallion SL Carrera
 (Kubinec ***** x Salaa Diva / Salaa El Din), and she is due in May 2012.

A lot of new photos have been put under Malayka’s Gallery.
Photoserie is taken by Davidson Arabians under Malayka's visit to Carrera.



Date 2011-06-01

A'mir El Zhallan is now back in the hands of endurance rider Rina Thorsen, to
his breaking in and training for his debut as an endurance horse in 2012.

A'mirs Gallery is updated with a few new photos from the day of departure.



Date 2011-05-14

After much waiting and the whole 357-days pregnancy Yamena foaled Saturday
May 14th at 01.00 pm, her first and our first straight Russian offspring.

Yamena delivered after a hard foaling, a lovely bay long legged colt with 4 equal socks
and blaze, and Yamena has taken her new role as mum fantastic.

Our new little Russian boy is named; Yurij by Duval.



Date 2011-04-17

Cheyenne foaled a beautiful filly by the stallion Duval.
A healthy, strong and vigorous foal which we are extremely pleased and proud to welcome to the world.
She is named Cheetah by Duval and now we're fortunate to present 2 beautiful filly by this amazing stallion at our stud.



Date 2011-03-07

 Our young colt  A’mir El Zhallan by Azem out of Cheyenne, are home on a short visit with the intention to test his skills as a breeding stallion, before his career as a endurance horse really set in at Rina Thorsen and her team.

We have chosen to cover our 4 years old mare by Kais; 4D Malayka Moniet with Mir.

Malayka herself contains a lot of performance blood in her pedigree, -among others through her grandfather; Elite and endurance stallion Faa El Sharik.

We hope that this combination will provide a very promising offspring with ability for endurance, and we are very excited about how Mir takes the job as a breeding stallion.



N e w s   2 0 1 0


Date 2010-12-13

Our new homepage is now in the air, and we are very grateful to Carina Fjordside for doing such a great job. We are more than content with the result. Thanks Carina.


The year 2010 has almost run out, and it has been a great year at our stud

In April our lease mare Felima (LM Fellini x Bint Bint el Masra), gave birth to a lovely filly: Fairytale by Duval, by the Russian stallion Duval (Vympel x Derjava). 

Fairytale is so much more than we ever dreamt of.

Felima is now back with her owner Pia, and started under the saddle.



In May we sent 2 of our mares to Duval for covering. Yamena (Menes x Yamaika) and Cheyenne (Shah Noir x Chantel) both got in foal in first try and are due in April 2011. We are more than thrilled and with excitement we are looking forward to the coming foals.

Back in 2009, Yamena was bought in partnership with Davidson Arabians. We do now have full ownership of Yamena, and are very happy to have this opportunity, and we owe a lot of thanks to Davidson Arabians for making a dream come true.


In May it was time for our colt A’mir El Zhallan (Azem x Cheyenne) to go to his new home with endurance rider Rina Thorsen and Team, -they are now looking after and training our precious boy until he returns to our stud.  With him A’ziz Bey Shah (Azem x Chantel) followed for the summer as playmate for A’mir.

A’ziz returned in September, and shortly after his was sold to Karin Østergaard, DK.

Manii Bint Kaiser (Kaiser x Manila) is also sold to Alice Rondé, DK.


Unfortunately this year also contains sad news.  Our precious black filly A’Sweet Surprize (Azem x Cheyenne) was x-rayed and the Vet. pointed out that an old injury in her right hind hock will make a riding career impossible. Luckily she should have no problems being a future brood mare at our stud.


This year we also got all our horses tested for CA and SCID. We are happy and proud to announce that all horses at stud are CA and SCID clear.


We wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.


Welcome to the new homepage of Skovsted OX.