C h e y e n n e   O X   2 8 0 8

1997-2013 Run free

Born 1997
Height 154 cm
SCID and CA clear

Breeder and owner:
Dorte Michelsen

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Cheyenne has been permanently leased mare at our stud in the years 2006 until 2011. It has been a pleasure to have had the opportunity to borrow Chey in our breeding program and we thanks Dorte Michelsen for lending her beautiful mare to us. Chey is returned to Dorte in December 2011.

Cheyenne is out of English / Russian and Egyptian bloodlines.

Cheyenne is a proud mare with great charisma. She has an incredibly gentle and loving soul; A mare you can always rely upon and which is totally cool and well balanced. She is a feminine and extremely good moving mare.

Cheyenne is a caring and protective mother. She further provides the best of herself to her offspring, and we can proudly present 2 offspring of her here at our stud: Our promising black stallion from 2008: A'mir El Zhallan by Azem - and our upcoming black broodmare here at the stud: A'Sweet Surprize also by Azem