Skovsted OX



Shah Razann, is owned by Hanne Nørgaard.


Shah Minh by Azem is an approved stallion in Norway and has been awarded goldmedals on show.
Owned by Anne Meszansky, Norway


A´zalea owned by Birgit B. Bune.


A´ Fatiima, owned by Birte Sørensen.


Aziza Madeline, owned by Siv Janne Rodal, Norway.
Results: Linnesvollen B.Show 84,67 points.


Shah Karisma, owned by Pia Korsgaard.
Results 2010: LC2, DARK 68,26% nr. 1 - LC2, SIV 64,13% nr. 7 out of 28 starters.
 LC2, VER 62,83% nr. 4 out of 10 starters.



The Gambler by Azem is former racehorse, but is now owned by Benjamin Bøgh.


Aziza Nova, owned by Angels Gardens, Slovakia.


A´Chanze owned by Louise Rasmussen.


A'ziz Bey Shah owned by Karin Østergaard