A z e m   O X   2 9 5 6

Born 1998-04-29
Height 152 cm
SCID and CA clear

Breeder: Stutteri Elbjerg
Owner: Skovsted OX

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Azem is the cornerstone of our small stud. A fantastic stallion that every day enriches us with his pleasant mind and lovely temperament - a stallion who possesses the qualities we believe are the backbone to breed good sound and solid performance horses.

Azem is bred by Stutteri Elbjerg in 1998 and I fell for him when he was only a few days old, and we got him home shortly after.

He has since his debut as a breeding sire at 3 years old, bred several lovely offspring and Azem have been us a really good stallion. Until 2013, Azem bred 27 OX offspring, and around half are registered black.

His offspring are scattered in Denmark, Scandinavia and Europe, to date, he has offspring in Sweden, Norway, Slovakia and Belgium, which we are very proud and happy about.

Azem is sired by the russian related Goldmedal stallion Symba (Vympel x Maggina/Mag),

Symba was bred and owned by Granly Arabians and has only left a few offspring, and Azem is the only active black stallion. Symba's sire is the worldfamous stallion Vympel by Menes, bred by Tersk Stud in Russia- bloodlines we very much treasure here at our stud.

Maggina has been a successful broodmare with offspring represented widely from the racetrack to the showring, and on several occasions she won Gold at Int.-and Nat.Show and been awarded the title of Reserve Champion. Her sire, the Champion stallion Mag is also bred at Tersk Stud and out of a strong damline.

Azem's dam Manuela is sired by the Etat son Amadeuzs and out of Manjana by Pacific. Manuela was a mare known especially for her very good movements. Her dam Manjana was a unique broodmare and among other, dam of the successful Danish Champion and performance stallion Mazur by Fynt, as well as several good performance progeny, in many different disciplines.

Azem is mostly out of Russian bloodlines, with a touch of Polish/English blood and his dam strain is Keheilet Ajuz (Jamila Oa 1927).

We have chosen to keep two of his offspring at the stud. Both offspring possess the best of Azem and also share his beautiful black color; The stallion A'mir El Zhallan from 2008 and the mare A'Sweet Surprize from 2009. 

Azem has several grandchildren, and many of these have the sought black colour, and one of these, is his first grandchild born at our stud in 2015: A'Ameen (Duval x A'Sweet Surprize/Azem).

Several of Azem's offspring are doing extremely well as performance horses and in many different disciplines and many with great success, including among other; Bronze to DM in Jumping and Silvermedal at the European Championships Classic Medium Cup.

Since 2009, Azem has not been available to external mares. We have now decided to only use Azem on our own mares - and there will occasionally be offspring or grandchildren for sale by Azem, at Skovsted OX in the years ahead.