A m i r   E l   Z h a l l a n
O X   4 9 2 7

Born 2008-06-09
Expected height: 157 cm
Colourtested: aa-Ee
SCID and CA clear

Breeder and owner: Skovsted OX

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A'mir El Zhallan is our firstborn black colt bred here at the stud in June 2008.

Mir is sired by our own stallion Azem and out of Cheyenne who were former broodmare at our stud for several years. Azem and Cheyenne’ offspring are characterized by a unique temperament, with strong legs and hoofs, a good size and a nice cooperative mind.

A'mir is no exception, and in him we see a very promising stallion with a lot of performance prospect, and with his long correct legs, - athletic body and cool mind, we have faith in him and with his great charm and beautiful eye-catching colour, he is also a horse that sticks out from the crowd and is a horse everybody will notice.

Mir is mostly out of Russian lines but is a mix of bloodlines and has all the best of both Polish / English and a hint of Egyptian in his pedigree.

Mir has an incredibly gentle and positive mind, he is always happy to get attention and loves to work under saddle.

A'mir El Zhallan is not active in breeding yet, as we aim at a performance career as the first priority. One day he will return to our stud to be our leading Sire.